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Sacred Sales

February 1, 2014 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


4-hour Workshop on How to Transform the “Yuck” Underneath Selling Your Services And Make Sales The Most Sacred & Rewarding Part of Running Your Business

Luminary Professional Development at Bridge to Avalon
Hosted by Kara Gilligan

If you are a healer, artist, or transformational change agent, you probably hate the idea of “sales” being part of your “business.”

Most of us who enter the healing arts professions work by a set of higher values when it comes to finding clients and offering our work to others.

We want to help people, often those who are deeply struggling. We feel a deeper spiritual purpose behind what we do, and long to align with an authentic and compassionate way of relating to prospective clients.

“Sales” can often feel “slimy” or “offensive.”

Because of this, we may resist or shy away from actively promoting our work to others.

We may drop our boundaries when it comes to asking for money, or perhaps- never even put any boundaries in in the first place!

What happens?

• We give our services for free or sell one-off sessions that don’t really provide the deep, transformational benefits our clients need from working with us over time.
• We struggle financially, over-giving & not receiving enough energy to sustain and support ourselves in our practice
• We reinforce a collective “money story” that keeps everyone (including ourselves) in a place of victimhood & poverty consciousness
• We never really “take off” in our heart’s work, and usually remain “one foot in, one foot out” of the empowered life purpose we were designed to live

In this transformational 1/2 day workshop, completely transform your stress, fear, & struggle around sales and learn how to confidently host a “sacred conversation” with prospective clients that dramatically opens you both to an authentic, empowered, infinitely rich & valuable opportunity to heal and say “yes” to your highest good.

Sacred Sales is an intimate group workshop for transformational practitioners that teaches you precisely how to structure an exploratory call, conversation, or in-person meeting with clients who are interested in working with you.

You will learn how to:

• Create a sacred space in your practice for offering your work to others
• Transform your anxiety and fear around selling your services
• Authentically connect to the true value of your work & increase your confidence in speaking about it to others
• Improve your wealth consciousness & the open to the infinite abundance available to you through sales
• Learn precisely how to structure a sales conversation from an authentic, heart-centered place that honors your client’s true needs & desires
• Make an offer in absolute integrity with your values & self-worth
• Effectively meet common objections, such as- “I’d love to, but I don’t have the money”
• Make the sales conversation a healing opportunity for your clients & a incredible tool for you to better understand your market & grow your business

By participating in this workshop, you will deeply heal your fears around money, speaking about your work and having enough clients to support you in your practice.

You will gain a renewed perspective around this “sticky spot” of doing your heart’s work, and feel a soaring sense of wonder, gratitude & awe at how deeply transformational this very sacred moment is in your client’s lives- the moment when they make the decision to say “yes” or “no” to heal.

You will learn how to effectively hold the boundaries of that moment- what the money you receive represents, how to intuit your prospective client’s highest good, and create a sacred space that allows for the most authentic & Divine choice to be made.

You will begin to see “sales” as a sacred co-creation with the Universe and become a free channel to truly serve the highest good- being uplifted and supported by a power much greater than yourself in the process.

You will release your attachment to “outcomes” and learn to love sales as much as you do working with clients in your sessions. It might even become the part of your practice you most enjoy!

And finally, you will find that untapped source of abundance you’ve been looking for…

Because sales is the tool we use to manifest money and bring in clients to our business.

Learn to make it a rich & Divinely empowering experience.


About Kara Gilligan

Kara Gilligan is an intuitive sales & business coach for “the New Humanity.” She works with individuals who have undergone profound spiritual awakenings and desire to be of service to the transformational needs of our world. She helps Lightworkers, healers, artists, and transformational change agents find the power of their inspired life purpose and monetize their gifts effectively through the business of their dreams.

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February 1, 2014
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Bridge to Avalon