Hole vs Portal

We are at a very interesting time in our lives. I read recently that we have the choice of a Hole vs a Portal. We can fall in the Hole or we can move through the Portal. Moving through the Portal requires us to find the rhythm of the Universe and align ourselves with it.
The challenge here is that I live in a world that is consumed with Fear right now. My choice seems to be to buy into the fear and fall in the hole or embrace the rhythm of the universe and move through the portal of uncertainty.

Fear slips up on us in a lot of interesting ways. It can dress up quite nicely as Justified Anger. For some of us, there are conversations and actions that we feel may significantly impact our civil liberties. At the risk of getting in a debate here, I have found that for me, it is important to always honor my feelings, and, if I feel the need to express them, to do so in a way that is not confrontational or offensive. When we offend others, they cannot hear what we’re saying. And there will always be those who cannot hear what we’re saying no matter how we say it.

To those I say nothing. Why waste my energy?
Let me add here, there was a time when I truly thought that I wanted you to understand me, when in actuality, I wanted you to agree with me. This is a trap that we should be very mindful of.
Many years ago, I lived in Washington DC and spent a lot of time in the National Art Gallery. I remember one day walking up to a very large wall-sized painting and when I got nose-to-wall with it I realized that I had no idea what it depicted. All I could see right in front of me was texture and color and It wasn’t even particularly attractive. It occurred to me that my life is like that. If I could get more perspective, if I could back up and look at the whole wall, I could see that the little piece I’m looking at right now makes perfect sense and it is entirely critical to the overall outcome. This thought is especially distasteful when we can’t meet our financial obligations due to a mandatory shutdown.  But true, non-the-less.
What may appear to be Chaos today is, in my understanding, undifferentiated pieces that haven’t decided yet what they’re going to be, rather like stem cells. And I believe we have more power over how this unfolds than we may realize. It is critically important to trust in the cosmic plan and find security in the wisdom of uncertainty.
We all get to choose whether we tumble into the Hole of Fear or walk confidently through the Portal.