Listen to Your BodyTalk


“Tell me what was going on in your life when you were 24,” Cindee Chapman said holding my right hand in both of hers. “I am sensing something that is still affecting you.” I thought back to my life 22 years ago. It was a hard time for me as a young adult in a fairly new marriage. The fact that this woman, whom I had never met before, pinpointed it as a source of subconscious negative energy was insightful to say the least. I hadn’t thought about it in years. My conscious mind believed that once you got through a tough experience, that was it. My body, ultimately a subconscious recorder, was emitting vibrations to the contrary.

Cindee Chapman is an intuitive healer, a teacher and a BodyTalk practitioner. For more than a decade she has been practicing what is described as “a safe and non-invasive medical modality that helps the body to re-establish proper communication between organs, endocrines and body parts to promote healing.“ What I experienced is that Cindee spends time with her clients listening to the energy of their bodies and interprets what she hears. She takes specific actions to clear away negative energy from continuing to affect the body through various tapping positions.

Since this was our first meeting, Cindee spent a good amount of time at the start of our hour-long session explaining the BodyTalk process. She shared charts and printed information about what she would be practicing during our time together. Cindee relayed that BodyTalk will help me to identify subconscious emotions and negative thought patterns that may be keeping me from experiencing optimal health.

During what I call the interpretation phase, I was positioned comfortably lying on my back on a massage table with a blanket over me to ensure I was warm and felt safe. Cindee sat in a chair beside the table, held my hand, tapped into my palm and meditated. She was mentally walking through the charts she had explained earlier, stopping when something caught her attention. Periodically she asked me questions to clarify messages she was receiving from my body. We would talk about what the messages meant, and she wrote down what we discussed. At the end of our BodyTalk session, she performed tapping on the crown of my head and at my heart to reconnect the communication mechanisms and clear away baggage from the past.

Cindee shared many messages with me during our session — some bringing to light negative energies holding me back, like the time period when I was 24, and some very positive energies propelling me forward on my current path. Cindee confirmed my overall sense that life is good, that I am well taken care of and that I possess a deep connection with a loving higher source that can help me identify and heal any situation in my life. I left with a record of our experience together and a sense of excitement about the future.

Others in my circle confirmed the same experience. “After meeting with Cindee, I physically and emotionally felt one of the biggest shifts I’ve had in a while,” said Jeannine Clemens, founder of Bridge to Avalon. “She literally changed the way I felt about the past.”

Interested in learning what your body has to say? Cindee Chapman is available on Thursdays by appointment at Bridge to Avalon.

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