Dr. Aminah Dean

Dr. Aminah Dean is what some might call a natural healer. Her philosophy of life has led her to experience several varied fields of study; including psychology, Native American medicine, herbology and naturopathy. She utilizes this diversity to create a unique, holistic healing style that can conform to the individual or group.

Dr. Dean strongly believes that all dis-ease begins at the energetic level and subsequently manifests as physical challenges. She combines her intuition & extensive medical knowledge to uncover the “root of the dis-ease” within a person; treating all aspects of the physical, emotional and energetic challenges.

Dr. Dean holds a BS in Psychology from Hampton University and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. In addition, she possesses specific training as a Shamanic Facilitator, Bach Flower Essence Practitioner and Individual Counselor.

Dr. Dean’s Philosophy:

We are perfect whole beings who have lost touch with our perfection. Different distractions and obstacles may take hold, and subsequently keep us from our natural state of bliss & peace in various ways:

The external discomforts and pain that can keep us from fully utilizing our instrument. Relief provides the space for aspirations to take place.

An imbalance of our internal processes can make us bend away from our inner truth and feelings of peace. Emotional balance allows us to stand intact and not fall with hard winds.

The cobwebs and clouds that fogs up our clarity of mental sight of mind adversely affects our being. When we are clear in thought our actions are able to follow succinctly.

Where most of our problems begin as some sort of blockage and subsequently can manifest mentally, emotionally and/or physically. When nurtured we can reach our natural state of Bliss & Joy within.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

– First Do No Harm
– The Healing Power of Nature
– Identify and Treat the Cause
– Treat the Whole Person
– Doctor as Teacher

Services Offered

Naturopathic Medicine:
Recognizes the inherent, ordered and intelligent healing process in each individual. Naturopathic physicians work to remove the obstacles to cure and support the natural healing process using techniques that work in harmony with nature.

Naturopathic Office Visits:
$225 – Initial visit, 60-90 minutes ($175 for child)
$125 – Follow-up, 30-45 minutes ($100 for child)

• Addressing the physical via botanical (herbs), professional grade supplementation, physical manipulation, hydrotherapy, clinical nutrition, prevention and lifestyle counseling.
• Addressing the mental and emotional via mindfulness techniques, mind/body medicine, homeopathy & botanical medicine

A series of hot and cold compresses applied to the chest, abdomen, and back in conjunction with mild sine wave or other electrical stimulation to the back and abdomen to increase immune response and stimulate detoxification. Essential oils also used as needed.
$125/session, 60 minutes
$330 – 3 Sessions $575 – 6 Sessions
• Addressing the physical

Crystal Healing:
An energetic healing using quartz crystals to draw out imbalanced energy from the auric field. Using the natural amplification of the crystal, a healer can release negativity and provide more positivity to the person.
$150 – Initial visit, 60 minutes $125 – Follow up, 60 minutes
$360 – 3 sessions ($340 without initial visit) $445 – 4 sessions ($425 without initial visit) $620 – 6 sessions ($600 without initial visit)
• Addressing the energetic, mental, emotional & acute physical utilizing an unique & dynamic tool to encompass a comprehensive treatment session

Nutritional Consultation:
helps develop a custom personal plan to achieve desired results for long-term nutritional health and wellness.
$125/session, 60 minutes
• Addressing the physical & mental

Workshops and Courses Offered

Soul Retrieval and Extraction:
A Shamanic healing modality to achieve the restoration and reunion of dissociat-ed aspects of a person’s core essence. It is useful for those who feels like some-thing is missing &/or for those with past trauma, addictive tendencies, chronic negativity and more. To bring back a sense of wholeness and peace.
$350 – Journey plus 4 – 30 minute follow-ups (in office/phone/email) to facilitate integration.
• Addressing the energetic, emotional, sometimes physical through internal extraction and even the spiritual

Bach Flower Consultation:
A gentle therapeutic treatment using flower essences to aid in mental and emotional balance, which promotes health and healing through homeopathic mechanisms.
$90/session, 45 minutes
$25 – custom flower remedy
• Addressing the mental, emotional and energetic



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