Betty Gallaher

gallaherBetty Gallaher is a gifted healer.  She is a native Californian who moved to Charleston in July of 2016 to join the spiritual community here and continue her work.  Betty has had a conscious connection with a higher spiritual world her entire life.  She has had innumerable experiences that proved to her, undeniably, what she was being led to do…Use her gifts to help others to achieve understanding and gain clarity on their soul’s journey.  Helping them heal their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies along the way.

Betty offers a combination of several healing modalities to assist you in realigning with your highest good and maintaining a healthy outlook. She is a psychic, a medium, a medical intuitive and counselor.  She is certified as a Master in Usui Reiki and is a Hands on Healing Practitioner. She often incorporated the use of crystals in her work when indicated. She has been very successful in the past in finding lost people and animals.



  • Psychic Readings
  • Medical Intuitive for Humans & Pets
  • Mediumship


Contact Betty to discuss the modality that will be most effective in achieving a harmonious outcome for your needs.  You will enjoy her energy and the light and love she will place on your path.


Telephone: (805) 509-0758