Erin Sirona

erinErin Sirona supports individuals in living from a place of empowerment and passion. She supports whole-being wellness…this means a healthy physical body but also a balanced mind, balanced emotions and a vibrant spirit.

Erin is all about cultivating a fullfilling and fun journey; the foundation of which (and often the starting point) is the food that we eat. What we eat literally becomes us. Because of this, it is important to consider the energetics. Where did it come from? Who grew it and handled it and cooked it? How fresh is it? What sort of life force does it have? A diet that meets our individual needs and that is in harmony with every layer of our being allows for a state of wholeness that is unmatched. Erin Sirona can support the discovery of what this is for you.

Drawing from a knowledge base that spans many holistic dietary theories, Erin Sirona works with you to uncover the root of your health concerns and symptoms. She recommends many foods, herbs and teas for their medicinal and healing properties. When they are seasonal and local, they also keep your vibration in tune with your environment. She may also recommend yogic or other energy techniques as appropriate.

Erin is a nutritional coach certified through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and Columbia Teachers College. She has worked with hundreds of individuals 1:1 in New York, Chicago and now in Charleston, South Carolina. Currently she also works with many clients virtually.

In additon to holistic nutrition, Erin Sirona also has a vast background in Energy Healing work. She has an RYT designation as a yoga teacher, a Reiki Master Certification, multiple Shamanic Certifications and experience in other Energy Work modalities including: Barbara Brennan Techniques, The Drunvalo School of Remembering, Quintessence and others. She teaches classes in holistic nutrition as well as on Shamanic techniques and developing a shamanic practice.

Erin Sirona began her own journey of wellness searching for more of a spark in her own life. At 23, she was experiencing adrenal fatigue…trying to live it up while feeling worn out and often less than inspired. A friend told her about the open house for studying nutrition and the rest is history. She was able to heal her adrenals and discover the foods that worked best for her…something she had hardly thought of as a factor up to that point. Erin met many people on a path of growth and expansion at this time in her life and this indeed ignited a spark and transformed her experience. She not only healed her body, mind and emotions through food; she healed her spirit through energy work and training and is deeply humbled by the wisdom passed on to her.

She has been called a “modern day medicine woman and a transformational conduit.” She is honored to support others on their own journey of healing; empowering them with tools and resources to allow the light of their whole being to shine.


Telephone 347-742-6616