George Buell

George BuellGeorge Buell is a ten-year practitioner of yoga, with 5 years of RYT-200 teaching experience, as well as Levels I and II Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage Certification, and ART/Master Reiki Certification,

He came to believe in himself as a healer after a scary brain hemorrhage in 2011. During that hospitalization, he realized how much we use science to repair health, and neglect the soul’s need for care.

Subsequently, he entered a 9-month Patient Advocate program through the University of Miami, to broaden his understanding of the issues challenging those people who face illness, injury or, in some cases, pending death.

Through that training and at the same time witnessing his parent’s generation struggle through the humiliations and frustrations of declining physical capacity, he made a commitment to be a force of change in our society; reversing the recent pattern of disregard for the elderly, and nurturing a return to the ancient ways of honoring and revering the oldest members of our “tribe”.

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Counseling, Coaching and Mentorship services, targeted at 50+ through retirement-age men and women who seek a paradigm shift in their relationship to the aging process.

Physical work through Assisted Stretching (Thai Yoga Massage) and Reiki Healing Energy work.

Counseling will include mindfulness training, shifting of priorities, physical health programming, medical care management assistance, and diet planning.



Telephone 843-834-3330