Kara Gilligan

karag.12.2014-(223-of-333)Kara Gilligan is a spiritual business coach & personal branding expert, who has over 7 years experience supporting coaches, authors, healers & teachers to get their gifts into the world. Kara helps inspired souls who feel called to serve the world in new & alternative ways build successful businesses in alignment with their soul purpose & spiritual gifts.

A gifted Akashic Records reader, Kara uses her skills in soul study, business,  & communications to help people monetize their message & bring their gifts into the world.  She loves working with money, marketing, the creative spirit & the Soul in the manifestation of one’s purpose… and considers herself a business midwife & “Personal Fairy God Mother” for the New Humanity.  Her fiery Spirit & creative energy is contagious, and if she’s shown up in your life, you can expect miraculous manifestation to occur!

Kara’s passion for business derives from a deep devotion to the Divine Feminine & the path of Tantra- or the living expression of who we are in God.  She teaches the path of Sacred Wealth (Translated from principles of Sacred Sexuality & Sacred Relationships) as a pathway to personal empowerment, conscious creativity, and healing our relationship with Self, Earth, & Community.  She envisions a New World where society exists in harmony with God & Nature, and is on a mission to reveal that New World, one inspired entrepreneur/sacred leader at a time!

To visit Kara on her personal blog, visit Waking Beauty.

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