Patti Daniel

Patti Daniel Patti Daniel: OTR/L, owner of Wellness Rising, Holistic Occupational Therapy Services.

Patti is a Holistic Occupational Therapist and a Rubenfeld Somatic Synergist in training.

It is her mission to provide guidance and support for expansion toward one’s authentic self through meaningful engagement in occupation and awareness of self: mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Patti’s diverse background includes an occupational therapy practice in rehab hospitals, outpatient clinics and home care settings, serving an older adult population. Patti also served eight years as an assisted living director and regional interim director across the eastern United States.

Patti’s personal journey has led her to create Wellness Rising as a way to provide clients with holistic occupational therapy services and complementary and integrative practices for an enriching and unique experience to health, healing and wellness. These practices include breathwork, meditation, guided visualization, emotional freedom tapping, and body awareness activities, to name a few.

Patti is currently a student of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method, a talk-touch approach for health and wellness, impacting one’s mind, body, spirit and emotional self. Through increasing somatic awareness with a gentle touch, humor, insight and compassionate, skilled listening, the Rubenfeld Synergy approach guides clients to tap into the rich resource of information the body holds. Somatic discoveries can lead to greater ease of movement, decreased pain and stiffness, and an improved sense of balance, groundedness and emotional and spiritual clarity.

This work greatly compliments and enhances the traditional occupational therapy service model and is an essential part of Patti’s practice.


Holistic Occupational Therapy: 6090 minutes   $90120 

Holistic occupational therapy provides clients with a bridge between traditional  occupational therapy services and integrative complimentary practices engaging mind, body, emotion and spirit for a unique and enriching approach to life, health   and wellness.  Occupational therapy is based on engagement in meaningful activities to encourage or enable purposeful occupation to live a rich and meaningful life.  This includes activities of daily living that may be impacted by an illness or injury such as meal preparation, household management, effective management of medications, work, sleep, play and spiritual practice.

Individualized assessments provide a blueprint for designing a treatment plan to    help you explore and set your goals, engage your desires and manifest your dreams.

Rubenfeld Somatic Synergy: 5090 minutes   $80130

Rubenfeld Synergy Method is a talk-touch approach to healing, health and wellness.

Through increasing somatic (body) awareness with a gentle touch, humor, insight and       compassionate, skilled listening you can tap into the rich resource of information    your body holds which can be a helpful guide to healing and wholeness.  These      discoveries can lead you to greater ease of movement, decrease pain and stiffness, and an improved sense of balance, groundedness and clarity.



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