Ray Moore

Ray MooreRay Moore describes himself as a “Spiritual Mechanic” and has spent more than half his life intensely exploring and understanding energy dynamics through the practice of meditation, intuitive reading and healing.

Over 17 of those years were spent as a teacher at a psychic institute and seminary in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he grew up. After completing his initial 1 ½ year clairvoyant training program, he went on to graduate from the seminary’s minister and teacher training programs.

He stayed on to teach in the graduate levels, becoming the regent of Christian Education and the Dean of the Ministers In Training program. As a teacher of teachers, Ray has helped hundreds of people use their tools in their everyday lives. He encourages his students to be all they could be, saying “the toughest job you’ll ever have is being who you are. No one wants you to be Who You Are; they want you to be who they think you are”.

A recent transplant to the Charleston, SC area, Ray is once again being called to Service and is hanging his shingle at Bridge to Avalon.

Ray has a natural knack for taking complex concepts and breaking them down into easy to understand principles. His teaching style is fun, inspired, compassionate and peppered with analogies.

“We believe in limitless space, timeless endurance, never ending acceptance, everlasting patience and continuous comprehension.”

Jesus asks us, “What if a man gain the whole world and loses his soul?” With eyes turned inward to Infinity and Cosmic Consciousness, His words have great meaning.

Spiritual freedom creates no ideologies, no isms, no dissenting philosophies which divide, corrupt or destroy communication between human souls. Just a one-to-one contact between All That Is and a human soul, burning quietly and bringing the realization that nothing in this world is worth exchanging for that attainment.

For more information about Ray’s work, please visit his website http://www.pointoflifecenter.com.

Rev. Ray Moore has been ordained since 1988 as a non-denominational Christian minister. He performed his first wedding ceremony in 1991 and has officiated at many weddings since then.

For more information, go to: http://www.fromthisdayforward.us/home


Why We Get Stuck: the Series

As spirit-in-bodies, we are always creating. Sometimes along the way, we get stuck, either unable to move forward or backward, or repeatedly creating the same situation over and over. This is not necessarily a bad thing. What is more beneficial to know is WHAT we get stuck on, WHY we get stuck and HOW to get unstuck. In these experiential workshops, Ray will share his understanding and wisdom of the whole process from beginning to end. Becoming amused at why we get stuck makes getting unstuck that much easier. Remember: there are no problems at the vibration of Amusement!

Intuition 101- 5 week class series

Meditation is a process of Centering/Clearing/Having/Envisioning. We center (our space), Clear (our space), Have (our space) and Envision (our Life). In this series, simple, yet effective tools are shared that assist both the beginner and those with an established meditation practice. The beginner will learn to reclaim their attention so that they might focus it to create the Life of their dreams. Those who have a meditation practice will gain focus and an understanding of the energy mechanics of the Inner World. This basic 5 week series will introduce meditation tools and playful tutorials to demonstrate each tool. $101

Intuition 102- 5 week class series

Prerequisite: Intuition 101. Continuing and furthering the practical application of the tools shared in 101, the participant will learn how to de-energize mental image pictures and create greater clarity in their life. Using the tools to deprogram energetic concepts and reevaluate what their Truth is. All in an environment of playfulness, amusement and bad jokes! $102

Readings & Healings

In a reading, we look at 2 questions; “Where have you been?” and “Where are you going?” We do this through a systematic reading approach. First, looking at you in a symbol of a rose, which gives a pretty solid overview of what you’re up to. Then, we read your aura, sharing what we see is happening in various aspects of your life. This is followed by a Question and Answer period, referring back to the reading so far, or going deeper into what was discussed already. $100



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