support-practitionersSupport for Practitioners

Every healer needs a community. For those who are walking the path of service, we help build wider circles of influence and support to help you grow spiritually and professionally.

Are you a healer, artist, counselor, coach or transformational facilitator who is in the process of starting or growing your business?

Do you find it hard to find clients?  Charge for your work?  Embrace your new identity after a corporate career?  Or find balance between your purpose, personal & spiritual life?

Many times fear, insecurity, financial struggles, and other worries, doubts, and concerns hold luminaries back from truly EMBRACING their truth and LIVING their purpose. If this sounds like you or if you just need a boost, we’re here to help.

A Luminary is anyone who feels called to give their wisdom, knowledge, and truth to others on the path of awakening.

When we embark on the spiritual path, there comes a time when the spirit that led us to transform our own lives becomes a calling to give back what we have received to help others. This is a sacred part of our personal awakening and progress on the path. The challenges of transitioning can be daunting.

To assist those who are in this process of transitioning into their life purpose, Bridge to Avalon has created the Circle of Luminaries.

This is a regular networking group to build wider circles of influence for those who are walking the path of service and need support to grow their business.

  • Meet other luminaries and healing practitioners who are in your position
  • Network with each other, find co-creative partners, and client referrals
  • Be given amazing support and advice on the “business” side of growing a transformational practice
  • Brainstorm opportunities to co-host or develop your own workshops in our center
  • End that feeling of isolation, fear and struggle
  • Open to a whole new paradigm of being the change and living your purpose!

To take your practice to the next level or learn more about our collaborative business model for resident practitioners, click here.