The Heart of a Shaman


Dave LeClair: The Heart of a Shaman

Walking into Dave LeClair’s corner of the house at Bridge to Avalon is an experience in itself. Native American drums, toning bowls, bells, shakers and talisman line his desk and shelves. Dave is a Shaman, one who guides others through journeys to the spiritual realm where insight and healing can be gained. He spent 20 years gathering knowledge and wisdom to share for healing, 15 of which he spent being instructed in Native American ceremony under the guidance of Medicine Woman Sally Perry.

Dave offers this knowledge through a unique body of work, synthesizing diverse healing modalities into a practice that helps clear the energy and physical body of imbalances. He has lead Sweat Lodges for many years and has been responsible for energetic support of extensive groups during a variety of ceremonies around the country.

Dave’s travels have also taken him to Ecuador, India and England, where he experienced deep immersion in shamanic training, sound healing and developed his own technique for working with chakra system balancing.

Dave relays that his focus is Heart Shamanism, “It’s about the heart, whether in individual healing or group journey.” His goal is to help others realize the vibrancy and joy in everything… in little moments.

When asked about a particular bowl, Dave picks it up and uses it to produce a sound vibration that rocks me to the core for several minutes. He relays that sonic vibration therapy is a powerful mechanism to stimulate the senses to reach higher states of consciousness. I felt this unique sensation instantly.

Higher states of consciousness are not the only benefits of sound therapy. Drumming, or sonic vibration, creates a physical chain reaction in the body resulting in real health benefits. It has been proven to reduce stress. It also produces greater self-awareness by inducing synchronous brain activity and promoting alpha waves, signals for greater insight and creativity.

Dave offers group sessions on Wednesday evenings and individual sessions by appointment at Bridge to Avalon. These journeys promise to open up new opportunities to explore the self using an ancient practice for a new era of expansion.

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