Jeannine Clemens

Founder of Bridge to Avalon

jeannine-clemens Jeannine Clemens is the Founder/Director of Bridge to Avalon LLC, as well as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and certified Angelic Healing Practitioner. She is a master space-holder at both the physical, group, and one-on-one levels, and has helped hundreds of individuals come together to “find their music” and express the soul purpose they have within. A courageous pioneer of the metaphysical movement, she has been involved in alternative health & healing for over 45 years and held the vision for her own “House of Healing” for over 20, before Bridge to Avalon was born. Bridge to Avalon began as a beautiful brick and mortar “Modern Day Ashram”.  After several years it transitioned into a virtual business.  Jeannine works with individuals in life-changing spiritual mentorship programs, helping her clients release pain, heal & resolve major life challenges to find their music once more. She provides one-on-one therapy sessions, online workshops and teaches Reiki certification. She is a Certified Peace Ambassador through James O’Dea’s training program and heads the Mirabai Devi Lightworker School for the Southeastern United States.

If there’s one thing Jeannine has learned over the last 45 years, cultivating her passion for alternative health, healing, spirituality and personal development, it’s how important having the right support is to your soul’s journey.  Jeannine aims to be a “believing mirror” to all who wish to “cross the bridge” into their heart desires.

She’s a fearless co-creator of the new world, where she believes peace, prosperity & deeply fulfilling community are possible by tapping the unlimited potential we have within.


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